Computer and Facility Considerations for the Quintic Ball Roll System

  Computer Specifications:  
  Computer Specifications
  • The computer will require a USB3 port.
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 Operating System. The system cannot be used on Windows Vista.
  • Intel i7 with at least a 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge) processor.
  • 250GB hard drive for storage. Minimum 7,200rpm.
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1270x730.
  • Minimum 8GB RAM. The more RAM, the quicker each putt will be processed on the system.
  • A Solid State Hard-Drive (SSD) will also allow each putt to be processed quicker.
  • Fitting an external USB3 card into an older computer is not recommended.
  • Please note that the higher the computer specifications, the quicker the system will be able to process the data for each putt.
  • We also recommend that other applications are not running on the computer as this will slow down its processing. If other applications arenít necessary then these can be turned off using msconfig on your machine.
  • We recommend that the PC is kept specifically for use with Quintic and no other camera capture software.
  Facility Specifications:  
  • A minimum putt distance of 8 feet is recommended (maximum ball speed 12mph).
  • The System is positioned 1.26m from the ball. Please allow an extra 20cm for the back of the stand.
  • The USB3 High Speed Camera is powered directly from the computer. The connecting cable is 4m in length, however we can also provide extension cables for this (extensions will require a second USB port).
  • The LED light will require mains power. The connection cable for this is approximately 1.2m in length although longer kettle leads can be purchased.
  • We recommend the system is used on a level surface to begin with. Analysis on breaking putts or slopes is also possible with a more advanced set-up.
  • Certain artificial putting surfaces can cause the ball to bounce too high. We would recommend an indoor smooth putting surface.
  • Overhead lighting should be evenly distributed where the system is measuring the putt.
  • Please note that external sunlight from a window in your facility that shines on the 20 inches measuring the putt may affect the ball brightness and the subsequent data. If this is a factor then window blinds to mask this sunlight are recommended.
  • The background behind the 20 inches of the putt should be clear from any type of reflections (metal, furniture etc). If this is unavoidable then these reflections should be covered.
Facility Specifications

Accommodating for both Right & Left Handed Players

  All Quintic Ball Roll Systems were designed to provide quick and accurate data for both left and right handed players. However facility considerations must be made if you are hoping to quickly accommodate both left and right handed players.  
  Setup 1  
Quintic Ball Rall setup 1

If your facility contains a putting green of 6 metres or longer then you can set up your Quintic Ball Roll System next to the centre of the green, allowing left handed players to simply putt in the opposite direction.

  Setup 2  
Quintic Ball Rall setup 2

If your putting green is under 6 metres we would recommend setting up the system in the right handed position. Then when the system is being used by a left handed player it must be moved to the opposite side of the green. For this set up you will need to purchase the appropriately sized extension cable from us, as well as ensuring you have an additional USB port available on your laptop or desktop for the camera extension cable.


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