Quintic Ball Roll Overhead Putt Tracker

The Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker is our latest development in our Quintic Ball Roll technology range. The Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker software works with a Quintic High-Speed Camera mounted to the ceiling (indoor) or on a boom tripod (outdoor) above the putting area.

The software will track the complete path of the golf ball throughout its journey, measuring parameters such as ball speed, aim location, start direction, apex, point of true roll, total distance and ball entry speed.

There are many applications of the Overhead Putt Tracker ranging from green reading, putter fitting, player and putter face alignment, break reading, pace control and, most importantly, feedback on each putt. A simple but often overlooked part of putting is simply, do you start the golf ball on your intended line?

The software allows for multiple comparisons of shot patterns, dispersion and consistency. It will test the player’s intended aim against the actual start direction of the golf ball, either on a flat surface or slope! Visual cues used by a player at set-up, along with their posture, have a significant influence on aim and start direction. Ball speed determines line, therefore different ball speeds will result in different ball paths. These can be layered on top of each other in the summary tab in the software. Once the ideal ball path is recorded, this can be superimposed on the LIVE video providing immediate feedback on both direction and ball speed.

It is possible to synchronise the Overhead Putt Tracker with any of the four Quintic Ball Roll systems (v2.4, v3.4, v4.4, v4.4 Research). With one click of a button both systems will capture the same putt, which can be loaded into the corresponding summary ready for analysis. The technology has been designed for everyone, from coaches to club manufacturers to R&D engineers and club fitters.

You can't chose a start line until you have decided the pace you want to hit the putt!

Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker, in addition to Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research, installed at ‘The Kingdom', TaylorMade, Carlsbad, CA.

Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker at The Belfry, UK.