Computer and Facility Considerations for the Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker System

  Computer Specifications:  
  Computer Specifications
  • Windows 11 / 10 64-bit Operating System. The system can’t be used on earlier versions of Windows or 32bit machines
  • Intel i7 Processor: 3rd Generation (Ivy Bridge or newer)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500 GB free hard disk space to store video files
  • Hard Drive Write Speed: Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • 1 x USB3 (type A) port required per camera
  • High specification graphics capability
  • Minimum Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher recommended
  • Please note that the higher the computer specifications, the quicker the system will be able to process the video feed and data for each putt
  • It is recommended to use the PC in ‘High Performance’
  • We also recommend that other applications are not running on the computer as this will slow down processing time
  • We recommend that the PC is kept specifically for use with Quintic and no other camera capture software
  Quintic Overhead Putt Tracker - INDOOR SYSTEM - The Quintic High-Speed Camera is attached to the ceiling using a suitable camera mount (provided). We recommend that the camera is positioned approximately half way along the putt distance. For example, if you have a 15ft putt length in your studio, the camera would be located in the ceiling at 7.5ft from the hole and start point.  
Quintic Putt Tracking System setup
  Once the camera is attached to the ceiling, calibrated and focused there will no need to repeat this process. As with all biomechanics analysis, the camera ideally needs to be positioned as high as possible from the putting surface in order to minimise parallax error (fish bowl effect). Quintic offer two different lens options to maximise the field of view whilst minimising the parallax error.  
  The minimum height required for the camera is 7.5ft (2.29m) - Please see the table below for dimensions.  
  As the Fixed Wide-Angle lens CANNOT be adjusted, it is recommended for use INDOORS when the ceiling height is 11ft (3.35m) or lower.  

Camera Height
(Camera lens to putting surface)

Standard 4.4-11mm ZOOM Lens
(Field of view of the putting surface)

Wide Angle 3.8mm FIXED Lens
(Field of view of the putting surface)

7.5ft 2.29m 9ft 2.74m 13ft 3.96m
8ft 2.50m 10ft 3.05m 14ft 4.20m
9ft 2.70m 12ft 3.66m 16ft 4.90m
10ft 3.05m 14ft 4.27m 18ft 5.50m
11ft 3.40m 16ft 4.90m 20ft 6.10m
12ft 3.70m 18ft 5.50m - -
13ft 3.96m 20ft 6.10m - -

N.B. Don’t worry if the camera mounting is higher than 13ft (4.0m) in the air, the standard 4.4 - 11mm zoom lens can be adjusted to ensure the desired putt length is captured. The focus and zoom of the lens can be adjusted accordingly.

The maximum putt distance with a single camera is 20ft (6.10m)

Quintic Putt Tracking System camera setup
  OUTDOOR SYSTEM - The Camera is mounted to a Boom Stand. The boom stand is easily adjusted and two sandbags are provided for additional stability. We would suggest using either sand or bottled water per sandbag. One sand bag for the counterweight of the boom (clips onto the pole) and the other placed over the legs of the stand. A camera attachment mount (ball and socket joint) is included, enabling the camera to be attached to the boom stand at the tip of the extension pole. The boom stand is adjustable to enable the camera to be situated between 8ft or 13ft above the putting surface. The boom stand will support the weight of the Quintic USB3 High Speed Camera and lens (provided the counterweight is used).  
Quintic Putt Tracking System setup

For further information on facility requirements & set-up email: