"The Quintic Ball Roll system is an essential central feature of the Putting Studio at our National Performance Centre for England Squad training here at Woodhall Spa. This state of the art analysis equipment and technical support we've received from Paul Hurrion and his team allows our England Coaches to make coaching interventions based on the digitalised facts generated from the collision between club and ball. Basing opinions on information received by the naked eye is no longer enough in the world of elite performance when accurate data can be captured so fluently and effortlessly. Not only does Quintic provide the starting point on the journey to world class putting, repeated data capture and analysis also benchmarks improvement along the way, providing evidence for player and coach alike that changes and hard work are having a positive effect. The confidence this gives players can't be purchased elsewhere."

Stephen Burnett, Performance Manager (Men’s Golf). England Golf
  "The Quintic Ball Roll Analysis Software provides unique data on how your golf ball reacts after impact. This information is invaluable when custom fitting your putter or improving the dynamics of your putting stroke."

Padraig Harrington
  "As a specialist in putting, the comprehensive data provided by the Quintic Ball Roll allows my technical beliefs and philosophies to be backed up by evidence. The advantages of the Ball Roll over it's competitors are profound. Firstly, with no devices added to the putter itself, the characteristics of the putter remain the same. Secondly, no other software provides as detailed data about the ball, arguably the most important data to know. With continuing support and updates to the software, there is no other choice to make when it comes to putting analysis software."

James Jankowski, Specialist Putting Coach - jamesjankowskigolf.com
  "Quintic Ball Roll is the equivalent of 'Trackman' for Putting... It tells me the speed, spin and launch conditions of the ball as it leaves the putter face. The data is vital for checking my stroke mechanics, it is an invaluable piece of equipment at The Academy."

Robert-Jan Derksen
  "At Modern Golf, we sold more putters in the first month using the Quintic Ball Roll software than we did in the entire previous year. It is so fast and easy to use, and gives you the results needed instantly. It completely verifies which putter is right for each customer."

Modern Golf
  "The NEW Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 software is an essential tool for any dedicated coach looking to provide comprehensive, accurate data in a timely manner as it relates to putting performance. The data is well-organized in its presentation, allowing both the coach and student to gain a clear picture of the putting stroke and ball roll characteristics surrounding pre-Impact, impact, and post impact, measuring and highlighting the parameters from both the putter and golf ball launch conditions. From there, the coaches can develop a plan for efficient use of practice time, and use the software to test the effectiveness of the drills being used to improve skill level in the priority areas.

Furthermore, the education and support given by the Quintic Team sets them apart from many other technology companies we’ve experienced in our time coaching. Their commitment and dedication to make sure the smallest of details are taken care of and that the system performs brilliantly, makes the Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 an intelligent choice for any dedicated coach looking for the best."

Brett Saunders & Scott Rodgers, Director of Coaching & Development Lead Professional Coach, Morgan Creek Performance Putting Studio
  "When setting up my new state of the art iGolf Studio facility in Sheffield, it was imperative that we had the leading technology in order to provide clients with exceptional experiences and service. The Quintic Ball Roll System provides us with all the statistics and information we need to understand what is happening with the putter and golf ball at impact, enabling us to recommend the ideal putter for the clients technique... In addition to this, as the Quintic Ball Roll System provides all the information we need to help clients improve their performance on the greens, the QBR System is also instrumental in our putting lessons. I would recommend a Quintic Ball Roll System to any fitting and teaching centre wanting to improve customer satisfaction and retention."

Iain Mackenzie, iGolfStudio Sheffield, UK
  "The Quintic Ball Roll system is the gold standard for putting analysis. Along with the vast amount of information it also validates our Evnroll putter face technology. The 'impact ratio' data shows how the Evnroll imparts a constant energy transfer across the hitting area of the putter face, superior to all other putters.

The Quintic has become an essential selling tool for our studio custom fitting service.

Quintic Ball Roll is a wonderful piece of equipment."

Guerin Rife - CEO / Chief Designer, Evnroll Putters - www.evnroll.com
  "The Quintic v4.4 Research Software with its amazing new 1080fps camera is a fantastic addition to our putting analysis service. The upgraded software has enabled us to obtain even more valuable data from each putt. This allows us to offer a more in depth analysis of our customers putting technique. The Path feature has helped to understand how different styles of putter can affect the ball roll, which means we can fit customers to the putter style that most suits them. At the same time, the new software gives us the flexibility to either optimise a customers’ existing putter or suggest a replacement putter which is more suitable. Core Golf prides itself on the quality of its putter fittings, so it was vital for us to get this upgrade, in order to continue to provide the best service to our customers. We would highly recommend the Quintic v4.4 Research System to fellow Quintic Ball Roll centres, who are serious about giving the customer the best putting analysis possible."

Core Golf Ltd., Thame, Oxfordshire - coregolfclubfitting.co.uk
  "Quintic allows me to coach with confidence and base my recommendations on the facts. Clients can see for themselves how a change in technique or change in putter specification can have a positive effect on club delivery and the all important ball-roll performance. I specialise in coaching putting and having Quintic has added to my business both in terms of increased coaching revenue and putter sales."

Mark Bentley, PGA Coach & Putter Fitting Specialist (MB Golf Studio) - www.mbgolfstudio.co.uk

Matthew Fitzpatrick using Quintic Ball Roll (iGolfStudio Sheffield, UK)