About Quintic
  Q1: Who and What is Quintic?

A: Quintic Consultancy was started in 1997 by Dr Paul Hurrion PhD BA(Hons) and Dr Robert Hurrion PhD MSc(Econ) BSc(Hons) and has grown successfully into a major force in Biomechanical Analysis & Consultancy and Performance Analysis Software across the world in Sport, Education, Health and Fitness. Quintic Consultancy Ltd specialises in Premier Sports Biomechanics Video Analysis Software, Sports Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Consultancy. It is through our extensive biomechanics consultancy and constant liaison in the fields of elite sport, physiotherapy, podiatry and education that our sports video analysis software systems have evolved.
  Q2: Where is Quintic?

A: Quintic Quintic Head Office is based in Coleshill, close to the centre of England. We are 15 minutes from Birmingham International Airport and 10 minutes from 'The Belfry' Golf Club.
  Q3: Who are Quintic's clients?

A: Quintic provides 2D High-Speed Video Analysis Systems to private individuals, schools, universities, colleges, clubs, businesses, national and international sporting bodies, sports stars and private & public health services across the world. For further information please visit www.quintic.com
  Q4: Apart from Performance Analysis Software what else does Quintic do?

A: Quintic are Biomechanical Consultants directly assisting National and International Review and Coaching Panels, large companies and individuals. We also undertake Biomechanics Lectures in forums across the world. See Consultancy Pages for more information.
  Q5: What does "Quintic" mean?

A: It is taken from "Quintic Spline", a mathematical term for a line through points on a graph frequently used in mathematical calculation of speeds and accelerations.
  Choosing Quintic Ball Roll  
  Q6: What hardware do I need for Quintic Ball Roll?

A: Quintic Ball Roll is a complete product and you need only provide a computer (desktop or laptop).
  Q7: What are the minimum computer system requirements?

A: Please click here to view the System Requirements
  Q8: What camera, tripod and connector lead should I use?

A: Please click here to view the System Requirements
  Q9: What computer operating systems does the software work on?

A: Please click here to view the System Requirements
  Q10: What about lighting?

A: Included in the Quintic Package is a LED for both use indoors and outdoors. This provides sufficient white light to enable a high shutter speed for clear, sharp images of the golf ball. The LED is powered via mains power, with its main advantage, it doesn't get hot! See the image below.
  Q11: Can Quintic Ball Roll be used indoors or outdoors?

A:Yes, the software can be used indoors and outdoors with the same degree of accuracy. After the initial calibration procedure ('T' Bar) you can use it on an outdoor green using straight, uphill, downhill, left to right, or right to left putts to further analyse a golfers tendencies. One significant advantage of the USB3 High-Speed Camera is that no external power supply is required (power is drawn via the USB3 port of the computer). When using the software outside, if appropriate you can use an external power pack for longer battery life.

In addition Quintic have produced an outdoor travel case. The case is designed to hold all the items you will require to operate the software outdoors... this includes the camera stand, LED light, outdoor stand, lithium batteries (to power the LED), high-speed camera + cable, balls etc... The case is designed for air travel as checked baggage.
  Q12: What support do I get after I purchase the Quintic Ball Roll software Product?

A: New user support, set-up, installation can be offered at your facility in person, or via an on line meeting facility. Tutorials, videos, example putts, summaries and online support are always on hand. Quintic also offer an extensive Annual Accreditation program. Further details can be found at https://www.quinticballroll.com/Quintic_Ball_Roll_Accreditation.html
  Q13: How many computers can each Quintic Ball Roll Licence be used on?

A: The Quintic Ball Roll software is licensed to one personal computer only. It can be moved to a new computer. Multi-site licences are available on request. Multi-site Software Licensing prices are both popular and advantageous; different combinations of Licences and Hardware can also be accommodated. Please contact Quintic for a quote - info@quintic.com
  Q14: What is the best length putt to set the system up with?

A: You can use the system on a number of different putt lengths, from 8ft, to 25ft.... it depends on the studio / facility you have? It is interesting to see how the player performs at different distances... Quintic would recommend people start with a 12 / 15 foot putt to begin with. It is however interesting to see how a players stroke differs depending on the distance.
  Q15: How can I enquire or ask more questions?

A: We will be pleased to respond to your enquiries and questions - see our Contact Us page: https://www.quinticballroll.com/Quintic_Ball_Roll_Contact_us.html.
For technical questions please identify your Quintic Ball Roll version number and the first 5 digits of your Licence and supply as full details with screen shot if appropriate.