Quintic Ball Roll App

The Quintic Ball Roll App objectively measures; ball speed, launch angle and spin allowing you to make informed decisions on putter design, putter fitting and putter mechanics.

Quintic utilizes the high-speed camera of the phone (@240fps) to track the golf ball over the first 12 inches (30cm) of the putt, allowing you to make informed decisions on putter design, putter fitting, and putter swing mechanics utilising your iPhone or iPad.

Position the camera between 9-12 (23-30cm) from the ball to the target line depending on the type of phone camera. The camera will rotate to the correct position. The camera should be parallel to the target line with the camera lens close to the ground. Please align the camera parallel with the ball to the target line. Quintic has designed its very own phone stand, 1 size fits all even with a protective case (upto 1.5cm width)


There are several camera options including Composite Delay, Manual Recording, Focus, Shutter, and ISO along with 3 pre-sets for ease of use:
(i) Indoor - Optimise camera settings for indoor environment
(ii) Outdoor (overcast) Optimise camera settings for outdoor overcast weather conditions
(iii) Outdoor (sunny) Optimise camera settings for outdoor sunny weather conditions

Once the software detects the golf ball the yellow circle will turn green and you will hear an audio beep. For a right-handed golfer, the ball must be hit from the left-hand side of the screen, and from the right-hand side of the screen for a left-hander. When you have the final ball position, it is a good idea to mark the spot on the putting surface where you will be hitting the golf ball for multiple putts.

To measure spin (Forward, Neutral, or Backward) please draw a thick black line across the ball. Please align the black line vertically when at the address. If there is no black line present on the golf ball, the software will not give a Spin result.

The composite image produced after a successful putt is the positions of the ball, all combined to make a new image. The image is saved into Photos, Quintic Album, and Players Folder. It is also possible to create a Players Summary where all the putts are saved and displayed. They are dated and time-coded: morning, afternoon, or evening. Average, Standard Deviation, and Range are displayed. Quintic App requires 1080p recording @ 240 FPS for best results. If your device doesn't support 1080p @ 240 FPS then you may see unexpected results.

To download Quintic Ball Roll via the App store, please click here : Quintic Ball Roll on the App Store