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Lie Angle

  • Lie Angle: provides you with the change in lie angle from the calibrated position of the golf club. This is helpful to see if the toe of the putter is getter higher in the air at impact, compared with address (or visa versa). Are the hands of the player dropping, or is it a total body movement that causes the putter to change its position? Lie Angle change of less than 0.5 degrees will be shown as Green (either positive or negative) between 0.5 and 1.5 degrees the number will turn Orange, but over 1.5 degrees the number will turn Red.

Change in Lie angle has minimal effect on start direction; it highlights body / hand movement. Lie Angle at Address, has however a significant part to play with alignment of the putter face.

In some cases, players like to have a forward lean on their putter shaft, Phil Mickelson for example. With a 6.00 degree shaft lean at impact, he requires a combination of positive attack angle and static loft of the putter to create a positive launch angle (1 degree) of the golf ball... It is also possible to create a positive 1 degree launch angle of the golf ball with a negative shaft angle (leaning backwards at impact). What would be the static loft of the putter in this instance? Remember, we don't want a negative attack angle, as this will trap the golf ball into the ground, create large over spin values and potential bounce even higher after being driven into the ground.

- ve indicates the toe of the putter has gone up in the air (heel down) hands lower
+ve indicates the toe of the putter has gone down (heel up) hands higher