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Putting Session Summary

Face Rotation

  • Face Rotation: Is the speed at which the club face opens or closes during impact. It is calculated an average of 6 frames prior to impact.

In the example putt above the face is rotating 49/sec during impact. With this high degree of rotation, the ball position becomes very important. From the Club Data graph we can see that 1 inch before impact the face is 0.5 degrees open, and 1 inch after impact, the face has rotated 0.5 degrees closed!

Causes of too much Face Rotation

  • Upper spine angle is too upright / distance from the ball
  • Too much forearm rotation.
  • Manipulation of the wrists (flipping).
  • Pivot point of the putter is too low.
  • Style of Putter (Toe hang / Face Balanced)

Remember, a putter face which is open 2 degrees at impact will miss the hole from 5 feet! For a putt to go in at 8 feet the angle of the face needs to less than 1 degree open or closed. Does it become harder to start the ball on your intended line with a club face that is rotating significantly?!? The key is to select a putter that best suits your style and ultimately the most consistent for you!