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The Ideal Putt
Too much Cut Spin
Too much Hook Spin
Too much Skid
Launch Angle too High
Launch Angle too Low
Push / Pull (Straight)
Push / Pull (Right)
Open or Closed Face
Face Rotation
Attack Angle
Shaft leaning Forwards/Backwards
Too much Putter Acceleration
Impact Ratio
Toe & Heel Strike
Putting Session Summary
Ball Speed

Too Much Skid

This example shows a putt that has skidded too much. The ball doesn't start to roll forward until 2.85 inches, however, no significant forward rotation is achieved until after 4.37 inches. While the ball is skidding it is easier for it to be deflected off line by imperfections in the green, for example, spike marks, pitch marks, footprints, grain... This deflection will cause a putt that started on the intended line to miss the hole and /or lose speed too quickly as a result of sliding into a slope or grain.

The above example has an initial ball roll of -24.94 rpm and skids for the first 2.85 inches before starting to roll forward, but a total of 4.37 inches before it is back to its original starting position. Note: Obviously the harder a putt is struck, the more the tendency of the ball to skid...

Causes of unacceptable skid

  • too much static loft on the putter
  • ineffective putter face technology
  • too much dynamic loft at impact
  • breaking the wrist (flipping) just before impact
  • having the ball too far forward in the stance