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Face Angle
Face Rotation
Face Twist - Toe & Heel Strike
Clubhead Speed / Impact Ratio
Launch Angle
Attack Angle
Shaft Angle
Lie Angle
Ball Roll / Spin
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Putting Analysis

Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 state-of-the-art software is portable indoor-outdoor ball roll, with capabilities far beyond traditional video filming the golf ball off the putter face. The putting software is quick and easy to set up. Using the latest computer and USB3 high-speed video technology, the software with unique automatic tracking and pattern recognition characteristics measures the performance of the putter and golf ball during each putt. Quintic is used for golf instruction, club fitting and club recommendation in golf retail stores around the world. Quintic Ball Roll is also used as a golf training aid and for personal practice by tour professionals and amateur golfers alike. For the teaching professional it is now possible in less than twenty minutes to accurately fit a golfer with the most suitable putter for them - not just from a lie and loft perspective but also blade vs. mallet, centre shaft vs. heel shaft, face balanced vs. toe heavy...

For the putter manufacturer: Golfers will be both amazed and impressed by how simple and easy it is - you merely have to stick on two paper stickers onto the club and suddenly there are tangible results that the player can see for themselves. Quintic is fast, easy to use, simple to calibrate, no interference with the player and the computer does all the work for you. Quintic provide marked golf balls which the software recognises along with the putter and track them immediately. When the ball leaves the video area, all the required information appears instantly on the computer screen. It's that simple! The interpretation of the data and how to influence and improve the performance of the golfer is over to you (the user).

The above examples are taken from the latest Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 putting biomechanics software and explain the characteristics found in each case. What causes the golf ball to leave the putter face with too much loft? Attach angle, shaft angle or too much static loft on the club at address, changes in dynamic lie angle? What effect does the club head rotation have on start direction, side spin, ball rotation? What is the effect of an off centre strike on ball performance, how much does a putter twist at impact? Quintic measures the effect of impact dynamics on the performance of the golf ball, which at the end of the ball is what truly matters...