"The Quintic Ball Roll Analysis Software provides unique data on how your golf ball reacts after impact. This information is invaluable when custom fitting your putter or improving the dynamics of your putting stroke."

Padraig Harrington
  "Quintic Ball Roll is the equivalent of 'Trackman' for Putting... It tells me the speed, spin and launch conditions of the ball as it leaves the putter face. The data is vital for checking my stroke mechanics, it is an invaluable piece of equipment at The Academy."

Robert-Jan Derksen
  "At Modern Golf, we sold more putters in the first month using the Quintic Ball Roll software than we did in the entire previous year. It is so fast and easy to use, and gives you the results needed instantly. It completely verifies which putter is right for each customer."

Ian Fraser, Modern Golf
  "I cannot thank Quintic enough for all your help over the last years, we at SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy are very excited to add Quintic's Ball Roll Software to our Putting Academy at Meadow Gardens Golf Club... The data provided by the system offers each student the true "Facts NOT Opinions" about their stroke. It is really nice to actually be able to quantify what is happening as we alter a putter's lie, loft, and length over time. Quintic enables us to help fulfill our vision by creating an environment where the player has the greatest opportunity to learn and improve all of the skills necessary to becoming a better golfer, athlete and person."

Brett Saunders & Scott Rodgers, SaundersRodgers Performance Golf Academy
  "When setting up my new state of the art iGolf Studio facility in Sheffield, it was imperative that we had the leading technology in order to provide clients with exceptional experiences and service. The Quintic Ball Roll System provides us with all the statistics and information we need to understand what is happening with the putter and golf ball at impact, enabling us to recommend the ideal putter for the clients technique... In addition to this, as the Quintic Ball Roll System provides all the information we need to help clients improve their performance on the greens, the QBR System is also instrumental in our putting lessons. I would recommend a Quintic Ball Roll System to any fitting and teaching centre wanting to improve customer satisfaction and retention.""

Iain Mackenzie, iGolfStudio Sheffield, UK
  "The Quintic Ball Roll system is the gold standard for putting analysis. Along with the vast amount of information it also validates our Evnroll putter face technology. The 'impact ratio' data shows how the Evnroll imparts a constant energy transfer across the hitting area of the putter face, superior to all other putters.
The Quintic has become an essential selling tool for our studio custom fitting service.
Quintic Ball Roll is a wonderful piece of equipment."

Guerin Rife - CEO / Chief Designer, Evnroll Putters - www.evnroll.com

Matthew Fitzpatrick using Quintic Ball Roll (iGolfStudio Sheffield, UK)