Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research System

The Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research System is our most advanced system, designed specifically for our club manufacturers, research and development and elite club fitters.

Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research Systems specialise in the performance of both the golf club and ball throughout impact, capturing at 1080 frames per second, without ANY attachments to either the player or the club!

Quintic Ball Roll Systems are used extensively worldwide by the majority of putter manufacturers for R&D, validation, fitting and marketing of their latest putter and shaft designs. In addition to this, the systems are also used by other organisations, such as universities, interested in golf research.

The capability to analyse the putting stroke and ball impact data in such detail, within realistic timeframes, opens up huge opportunities for golf research and club manufactures for their research and development programs.

This system includes the latest Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research software and hardware for superior research capability. It includes the Quintic USB3 camera and a purpose built LED Bar Light - which ensures clear and focused images of the golf ball, allowing accurate ball spin calculations even at 1080fps. As with all other Quintic Ball Roll Systems, golf ball transfer stickers are used, allowing clients to use the golf ball of preference to them or their client!

The Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research System measures all the parameters available within the Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 System but, as it captures at 1080 frames per second, with even increased accuracy! It is also possible to use the Quintic High-Speed Camera to capture at either 360fps, 720fps or 1080fps. The 1080 fps setting is recommended for robot testing along with club, shaft, ball research and development.

Unlike any other Quintic Ball Roll System, the Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Research System also offers:

  • 1080 frames per second
  • Averages
  • Confidence Intervals can be displayed on summary graphs
  • Up to 200 putts can be saved in the summary
  • All recorded parameters can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further statistical analysis
Plus all the additional features in v4.4