Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 System

The Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 System has been designed specifically to meet the needs of our advanced club fitter and specialist putting coach.

Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 Systems specialise in the performance of both the golf club and ball throughout impact,capturing at 720 frames per second, without ANY attachments to either the player or the club!

This system includes the latest Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 software, hardware and training aids needed for both advanced custom putter fitting and golf putting coaching. As ball transfer stickers are used, clients can use the golf ball of preference to them or their client!

The Quintic Ball Roll v4.4 System measures all the parameters of the Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 System with even greater accuracy, as it includes the Quintic USB3 camera with the ability to capture at up to 720 frames per second!

Unlike the Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 (Ball Only) System and Quintic Ball Roll v3.4 System, this system also measures:

  • Clubhead path throughout impact area
  • Clubface angle relative to path throughout the impact area
  • Club shaft deflection at impact

Uses the Quintic High-Speed Camera to capture at either 360fps or 720fps

  • Ball spin throughout the putt
  • Roll Angle and RPM Graphs for all three components of spin and total spin
  • Path analysis
  • Path graph
  • Values for pre-impact, impact and post-impact path
  • Face-to-path values, display and animation
  • New Comprehensive Summary:
  • Summary split into multiple pages of data and graphs
  • Over 45 variables measured (compared to about 18 in v3.4 and 7 in v2.4 (Ball Only))
  • 12 summary graphs (compared to 5 in v3.4)
  • Path and Face-to-Path graphs, values and animation for summary
  • Now allows 10 rather than 6 putts to be viewed on each graph at any one time (scroll between up to 200 in a session in any level of software)
  • Average lines can be displayed on all summary graphs
Plus all the additional features in v3.4