Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 (Ball Only) System

The Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 (Ball Only) System is our introductory system and designed for clients wanting to offer custom putter fitting services.

Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 (Ball Only) Systems specialise in the performance of the golf ball throughout impact, capturing at 360 frames per second, without ANY attachments to either the player or the club!

This system includes the latest Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 software and hardware required for custom putter fitting. The Quintic USB3 Camera measures the performance of the golf ball throughout the first 20 inches at 360 frames per second (fps) and the purpose built LED Bar Light ensures clear and focused images throughout the recording. As ball transfer stickers are used, clients can use the golf ball of preference to them or their client!

"At Modern Golf, we sold more putters in the first month using the Quintic Ball Roll System than we did in the entire previous year. It is so fast and easy to use, and gives you the results needed immediately. It completely verifies which putter is right for each customer."
- Modern Golf

Features and Functions: Data collected at maximum 360fps

  • Initial Ball Speed / Ballís Initial Launch Angle / Ballís Initial Total Spin
  • The three components of this initial Spin (Forward/Back, Cut/Hook, Rifle Spin)
  • The Direction of the Ballís Initial Spin Axis
  • Start of Forward Rotation / Time/Distance to Zero Skid
  • Ballís Roll angle, RPM and Vertical Height for its initial 20 inches
  • Ballís Initial Flight Angle / The difference between the Ballís Initial Launch and Flight Angle
  • The Ballís Surface Interaction Period
  • The Ballís maximum height during Launch
  • The Ballís First Contact distance
  • The Ballís Speed during the initial 20 inches
  • The Percentage Drop in Ball Speed during the initial 20 inches
  • The Percentage Drop in Ball at Zero Skid
  • Edit features for the Initial 3D Ball Spin
  • Research Tab
  • A summary (numerated and graphical) of all of the variables measured in the system (average, minimum, maximum, standard deviation, range) for a maximum of 200 putts
  • Ability to reload summaries saved on the updated version back into Ball Roll
  • Snail trail display of the golf ball (helps the client to visualise the launch and ball surface interaction (bounce!))

"The Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 (Ball Only) System has been designed to meet the specific needs of our putter fitting clients, where the performance of the golf ball is paramount and consistent ball launch characteristics are vital. There is a huge range of putter styles (head weights, shafts, grips etc.) available on the market and the Quintic Ball Roll v2.4 System allows clients to assess these quickly and effectively, ensuring the right putters are recommended to their clients."